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The Congregational History Society was formed in 1978 as the Congregational History Circle to avoid confusion with the previous Congregational Historical Society. Following discussion and agreement with its successor, the URC Historical Society, the History Circle was renamed the Congregational History Society in 2007.

The Society is independent of all denominations, though members may belong to churches affiliated to the Congregational Federation, the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches, the United Reformed Church, unaffiliated Congregational churches or non-Congregational churches.

The Society publishes a biannual Magazine.

Membership costs £10.00 per year in the UK; £20.00 overseas

Back Issues of the Magazine (non-printable). We aim to post PDF copies two years after publication. Earlier years will be added as time permits.

Vol. 7 issue 6 Autumn 2015

Vol. 7 issue 5 Spring 2015

Vol. 7 issue 4 Autumn 2014

Vol. 7 issue 3 Spring 2014

Vol. 7 issue 2 Autumn 2013

Vol. 7 issue 1 Spring 2013

Vol. 6 issue 6 Autumn 2012

Vol. 6 issue 5 Spring 2012

Vol. 6 issue 1 Spring 2010

Vol. 2 issue 3 May/June 1986 and December 1986/January 1987

Vol. 2 issue 2 May/June 1985

Vol. 2 issue 1 December 1984

Vol. 1 issue 12 May 1984

Vol. 1 issue 9 December 1982

Vol. 1 issue 7 December 1981

Vol. 1 issue 5 November 1980

Vol. 1 issue 4 May 1980

Vol. 1 issue 3 November 1979

Requests to reproduce material from the Magazine should be addressed to the Editor.



Editor: Dr Alan Argent

Secretary: Dr Richard Cleaves

Treasurer: Rev. Chris Damp

Membership Secretary: Peter Young


The Library is located at Bunyan Meeting, Mill Street, Bedford MK40 3EU

Librarian: Patricia Hurry

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